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Unique Wildlife Photography Sessions

If you are interested in wildlife photography we offer all of our guests who stay for two nights or more the special opportunity to develop or advance their wildlife photography skills. Over the past three years, over 1,100 of our guests have participated in our sessions and lessons, led by our highly accomplished Resident Wildlife Photographer & Field Guide, Christian Sperka. Christian will tailor your photography safari or lesson to suit your individual ability and preference.

Thanda Safari and Christian Sperka Photography now also offer a luxury photography game viewing vehicle, called the Green Mamba 1. A Land Rover Defender was converted into the ultimate wildlife safari vehicle which can take two photographers, with an additional three guests, in ultimate comfort. Some of the speciality features include a Marine sound system for playing bird sounds, a 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro with various nature apps, a Nespresso coffee machine and a Thanda style bush bar. Click here for more information about the Green Mamba 1.

Besides the photography lessons, Thanda also offers the opportunity to have your very own photo shoot in the bush.

We recommend that you book your photography lesson or bush session at the same time that you book your accommodation. You can also make a booking during your stay, subject to availability. Please feel free to contact Christian directly at if you would like to discuss the different options and the best solutions for you. Alternatively, please contact for bookings.

Click here to download a detailed description of our photography offering.

All photography services at Thanda Safari are provided by Christian Sperka Photography. Christian is the resident wildlife photographer at Thanda Safari. He works as a Specialist Photography and Field Guide and also teaches wildlife photography at the reserve. Christian teaches according to his “Basic Rules of Wildlife/Motion Photography” under the motto 'Keep it Simple'. Since 2001, he has travelled the world photographing animals in game reserves of South Africa and Namibia, the jungles of Costa Rica, in Yellowstone National Park in the USA, as well as zoos in Europe and the United States. His work has been featured in wildlife magazines, books and many zoo publications.